Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Month Review

With the nonstop morning sickness during this pregnancy I have gotten a little behind in my blogging. Get ready for a major photo dump......

Halloween 2011
I think this year was a little more exciting than usual as far as Halloween goes. We both were pretty excited in the days leading up to it because of the costumes we had thought of. We spent this year going to our ward party with some friends where we played some games and had a costume contest. I made my costume this year which was probably a first. I was pretty excited going as a pregnant skeleton because who knows how many times I'll be big/pregnant enough to fit the part. Skyler went as the sexy sax man although I wouldn't agree to let him go shirtless since it was a ward party. :) If you haven't seen the video for this type "sexy sax man" on youtube and see for yourself. Skyler definitely played the part well with some loud, random performances including hip movement and floor dancing. Here are some pictures

Baby Shower November 2011
My visiting teachers asked to throw me a baby shower this fall. Most of the invites went to family that lives in the area but there were also a few close friends. It was fun to be able to celebrate the pregnancy with a day out of the house since most of the time I had been too tired or sick to go anywhere. She'll be stocked up well for this winter! I was so appreciative to everyone who attended and gifts that were given. We played a couple games including one where individuals had to guess the length of string to wrap around my belly. Most people were way off which I can't say was a shock. Here are a few pictures.

Family Wedding November/January
One exciting thing that Skyler and I were able to do before the baby was attend my cousin Heidi and Tyson's sealing and my cousin Trent and Haley's sealing afterward. This was the first time Skyler and I were both able to attend a live sealing together. It brought back a lot of memories of our sealing and the exciting/nervous feelings we both had that day. We were so happy to be able to share these two days with family. At Heidi and Tyson's reception we were also excited to be a part of the unofficial car decorating committee. Skyler and I had saved up our shredded paper for about 3 months in planning ahead for the special occasion. Here is some of the excitement. :)

Heidi and Tyson Higgins
Trenton and Haley Argyle

Last belly Pictures December 2011
Here I am at about 37 weeks. Last photos before the baby.

Tiffany's 26th Birthday
This year my birthday was pretty low key. We had some friends over for ice cream cake and to visit. With the possible arrival of the baby I think I forgot my own birthday until Skyler reminded me. :) Here are just a few pictures.

Whew!!! If you made it to the end of this post I am impressed.

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