Sunday, June 26, 2011

BABY MURRAY due December 27th. 14 weeks down and counting

I think being a nurse has made me a little nervous every step of the way with this one. Each person I tell usually follows with the sentence, "It is good you are a nurse and you can know what to expect." Although it gives me a head start with all my questions I have still found myself calling the doctor's office when anything happens just to make sure it is normal. :)

This last week I enrolled in a study at work for new mom's. I get paid to go to appointments, answer questions, and get samples taken each visit. The study is supposed to look for signs of preterm labor and complications in pregnancy. With new moms they have no idea what type of pregnancy they are looking at. One of the benefits is an ultrasound with each trimester visit. My mom was able to drive down to go to my appointment this time. This visit they were measuring baby size, confirming due dates, and looking for any abnormalities. With all the morning sickness and exhaustion I have had this pregnancy it made it worth it to see my 3 inch baby healthy while it was kicking and swimming around. We are so excited for this sweet spirit to join our family.