Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our First Christmas Tree

Last year December came and went so quickly in between working and getting my appendix out that we hardly had time to get anything done. This year had been a little more relaxed so we decided to get a Christmas tree for our apartment to put us in the holiday spirit. With the weather being how it has been we aren't sure if we will make it home for Christmas. The last couple of years I've been home we've gone to a tree farm and cut our own and hauled it back home. Skyler and I aren't that adventurous just yet but with some bows, lights, and a few ornaments it turned out pretty good. The finished product....

And with the lights on....

Girls Weekend

The second weekend in November I took a trip out to San Jose to meet up with the Murrays. It turned out to be a great trip even though I was terrified of flying by myself for the first time. I had arranged for Skyler to check me in and walk me all the way up to security then call me and tell me how to get on the plane. :) I flew in Thursday night and then stayed at my in-laws apartment in San Jose.

Friday we went to Los Gatos for lunch at a small shop called Sweet Pea. I had the roasted turkey and sun dried tomato for the main course. Afterward Shawn and I shared some dessert crepes with strawberry,whipped cream, and cream inside. They were really great and filled me up quickly.
Afterward we went shopping downtown. I'd never been to Nordstrom Rack which is now my favorite place to shop. :)

Friday night we went to a dance studio to take some lessons. I think my favorite dance partner was Rob my father-in-law. I had taken a Social Dance class in college and did country dancing in the past, but I think I was a little rusty.

Saturday we went to San Francisco to see some paintings at the De Young Museum. I think I've found that there are artists or paintings I can appreciate and others not my taste.

Then we went to take some pictures/walk around the famous golden gate bridge.

We took a trip down the famous Lombardi Street that zig zags down toward the bay. I was glad that it wasn't too long otherwise I might have gotten car sick!

We spent our last night out on the Pier in San Francisco. We went shopping and I bought a t-shirt from Alcatraz island for Skyler. I also enjoyed the bread bowl and chili we ate on pier which tasted amazing on a cool day.

When we got back to the apartment we had pre-ordered some watch faces and beads to make our own watches. I think mine turned out pretty well.

Sunday I flew back to the snowy mountains of Utah. As soon as I stepped off the plane I missed the California heat and the fun we had.