Thursday, July 29, 2010

1 Year Anniversary-Part 2

We arrived at our hotel at Cannon Beach pretty late. The next day we woke up and opened our back doors to the beach. Here are some pictures of our fun there.
We took a trip up to Seaside to visit the aquarium there.

We did eat one dinner in the Stephanie Inn. Here are some pictures of our amazing dinner/dessert.
Here are some pictures of the beach at sunset.

We spent the first two days looking for sand dollars at low tide and ended up finding only one. The last day before we left we decided to try one more time and ended up finding several. I guess it is just luck sometimes.

Skyler did do an impressive job of convincing me that Portland was beautiful and worth moving to. With all the trees, beaches, and sightseeing it was pretty hard to disagree that it is a pretty great place.

1 Year Anniversary part 1

Ever since I've known Skyler I have heard him brag constantly about how amazing and beautiful Oregon is and especially his home town of Portland. Lately this usually leads to a discussion about where we will move after Skyler graduates in 2 years. I've told him that before the whole moving to Portland or anywhere else would happen I'd have to visit and see how "normal people" are in that city. This last weekend was our one year anniversary so Skyler was convinced that the best place to celebrate would be Oregon. This was also his chance to prove how amazing it would be to live here.

We left for Portland at 9am after I'd worked the night before. This makes the longest drive we've ever had arriving in Portland just before midnight after a couple of stops. We stayed in a hotel in Portland for the first night and ventured out the next day to see the sights. Our first trip led us to the Portland Zoo. I think we were the oldest "kids" there. Here are some of the animals we saw.

Next we went to the Rose Garden in Portland. There are several hundred varieties of roses and we spent some time walking around.

That night we ate dinner at Skyler's favorite pizza place called Pizza Schmizza. Skyler was pretty happy about it.


The next day we went to OMSI where they had a bunch of science experiments we could play with. After that we went to the Pittock Mansion to see the view of Portland.

That night we went to see the Portland Temple before we drove out to the beach.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Year and Counting!

On Sunday we celebrated our one year anniversary and first of many to come. We are blessed to have one another and share so many amazing experiences over the last year. Here are a few pictures of the beginning.