Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Month Left!

As of the 25th of June we have one month until we will be married. The last month has been fun, but at the same time we are not fans of waiting another month.

The first week of June found us traveling to Charlotte, NC to visit my family. We had a lot of fun with all my nieces and nephews who are the cutest thing ever. Tiffany did not seem to mind all that much that she is inheriting 4 nieces and 4 nephews. The humidity was a bit of a shock but we had fun anyways. We went out with the SeaDoo one day and Tiffany wasn't a huge fan of my driving on that but since I like dangerous things and she doesn't it is understandable.

While in Charlotte we went to Men's Wearhouse to get me outfitted for the wedding. They had a great sale going on and since we aren't doing tuxes at the wedding my mom said they'll buy me a suit as a wedding present. We were there for probably 2-3 hours and in the end left with two suits, four shirts, two pairs of shoes, and five ties. Not that bad of a trip. Tiffany was getting bored though, and as she said "Shopping for guys isn't all that much fun." She said the same thing when we picked out a ring for me. I'll admit that shopping for men's rings is not the most entertaining thing in the world, but finding suits is plenty fun. Probably though cause it was for me. :D

A couple weeks ago found us back in Mountain Home for Tiffany's bridal shower. Before that though we made a trip to the sand dunes, just south of Mountain Home. Those were soooooooo much fun. Why had no one ever told me about such things? We took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun. The only annoying part was the mosquitos, and the sand that I spilled into Tiffany's car, but we won't mention that again.

Tiffany thoroughly enjoyed her bridal shower. But before I get into that I have to say how I spent those few hours. I drove to Boise to spend time with Ken, Tiffany's dad, and we went down to 8th street to get dinner. We found the greatest sushi place! It's in the same building as Cold Stone. Don't let the name discourage you, cause it almost did, but we tried it anyway. Super Sushi. What we got though was the biggest portions of great tasting sushi ever. I reccomend the Atomic Sushi, but I am a wasabi junkie.

Anyways, Tiffany had a lot of fun at the bridal shower. When I got there she had one of those smiles on her face that never go away and means she is very very very happy. It was rather similar to the one she had on her face when I proposed. They played the usual games; guessing our age in various pictures from childhood and up (some of which sparked some contention from the ladies and almost got Tiffany's mom in trouble), they did the story while passing around presents (one lady got frustrated with not being able to focus on the story and threw hers), and other games. Tiffany got a lot of great things and we're both very grateful for everyone's generosity who came. A few things she wouldn't show me and said I had to wait till we get married ;). In all though she said she wasn't too embarrased, though the best present which made her the most embarrased was a box. The card on the outside said "This is all you need for your first night together..." The box was empty.

Last night found us back at Johnny Carino's in Salt Lake, the place I proposed to Tiffany. The food was excellent. We tried to take a picture outside but Tiffany's camera wouldn't cooperate. So we will just have to remember it in our memories. Anyways, I think my novel must come to a close and hopefully it doesn't take us another month to post here.