Thursday, September 1, 2011

We finally made it through the dreaded 3 months apart while Skyler was in Seattle this summer. His return brought some exciting news with a job offer next year for Microsoft. It will be with the same manager/group that he worked with this summer. Skyler seemed pretty excited about it from the beginning so I think I was the one that needed convincing. I can say that a promise of vacations, shopping money, and the aspect of not having to work full time anymore did go a long way. :) We accepted the offer and will be moving to Seattle after Skyler graduates in April. Here is what we will be looking forward to.......

File:Seattle Ferry.jpg
I still think I am a little nervous about the change since I've lived in Provo for 3 years and Rexburg for 3 years before that. Before then I lived in Mountain Home for most of my life.
We spent a couple days praying about it and felt like it was the best move for our family.

Now we are filled with tons of questions about where to live, how to transfer my nursing license, etc.

Here is what we do know about Seattle.
Fresh fish for when I'm done being pregnant.
Sea-Tac Airport is close
Fairly mild, wet winters and mild, dry summers. Translation : RAIN!!!
University of Washington has a great Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program if I decide to go back to school someday
Several Hospitals
Lots of Sight Seeing
Seattle Temple

Now we just have to wait for the baby to come and Skyler to graduate. :)