Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Month and Counting....Our Adventures

After our trip to Sun Valley we headed home to move out of our apartments, open gifts, and clean checks. We appreciated the many friends and family that were so generous to us as we are starting our life together. The next couple days were spent moving into our new apartment, cleaning, organizing, and unpacking. Here are pictures from that memorable experience! :) These also give everyone a couple pictures of what our apartment looks like. (A messier version anyway.)

During our unpacking adventure we had our first married life mishap. :) We decided to use our dishwasher for the first time while unpacking and arranging everything. Skyler, being the good husband he is, loaded the dishwasher with some detergent donated by the previous tenants. We went back to unpacking and about 10 minutes later went to the kitchen to find the whole floor covered in bubbles! We surveyed the situation and found a leak in the dishwasher door. Skyler figured he had just put too much in. We mopped up the floor with several towels and didn't try it again until a couple days later when we got a new dishwasher. (Several in the apartment complex had to be replaced.)
Skyler again loaded the dishwasher, waited 10 minutes, and again we found the floor completely covered in white. Finally, we decided to check the label on the soap and found out it was "dishwashing soap" and "not for use in automatic dishwashers." We had a good laugh about it. Here is Skyler after we cleaned up the mess all over the floor. Just imagine all those bubbles all over the floor! :)

The Honeymoon-The First Week

The first week of being married led us to Sun Valley, Idaho for our honeymoon. We stayed in a lodge in Ketchum which is just outside of Sun Valley. We went shopping, paddleboating, and relaxing. One of the best activities of the week was riding ski lift in the mountains. We went up about 11,000 feet above sea level. The scenery was beautiful. Here are some pictures from the trip.

We also rode horses up a trail in the mountains. Our tour guide was great and we got some good pictures.

Overall the honeymoon was great. It gave us a nice chance to relax away from school and work. We loved every minute of it.